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Submission of papers: 30 June 2023.
Reviewers’ remarks: 07 July 2023.
Submission of the final paper version: 11 July 2023.
Reply on acceptance: 14 July 2023.

Engineering in protection

  • Air protection,
  • Bioengineering and biomedicine,
  • Cogeneration plants,
  • Current legal regulations in the field of fire and HSE protection,
  • Ecology and safety,
  • Ecology in business,
  • Ecology in the economy,
  • Ecology, ergonomics and energy efficiency,
  • Economic aspects of construction of technological equipment and systems,
  • Emergency situations,
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources,
  • Environmental aspects of electronic business,
  • Environmental protection due to the use and recycling of motor vehicles,
  • Environmental protection,
  • Experiences in preventing the spread and treatment of the infectious disease COVID-19,
  • Explosive atmospheres,
  • Financial resistance to risks,
  • Fire protection,
  • Fire safety management,
  • Handling and manipulation of dangerous substances,
  • Hazardous waste,
  • Health prevention,
  • Impact of climate change on business, health.
  • Legal regulation ISO 14001,
  • Legal regulation ISO 45001,
  • Legislation and implementation of regulations,
  • Management in sustainable development.
  • Occupational medicine and employee health protection,
  • Personal protective equipment,
  • Process safety,
  • Protection and rescue system, emergency situations,
  • Protection of persons, property and business,
  • Risk assessment and quantification,
  • Risk management,
  • Risk on social networks,
  • Safety and health at work,
  • Security of information and other systems,
  • Standards in the field of safety and health at work,
  • Storage of dangerous goods,
  • Technical and technological protection,
  • Waste management,
  • Water protection.

Engineering in mechanic

  • Automation and robotization of production processes,
  • Military engineering,
  • Modern materials and protection (in industry, healthcare …),
  • New materials and technological processes,
  • Protection in the field of energy and thermal energy plants,
  • Protection in the field of mechanical engineering,
  • Protection in unconventional processing procedures,
  • Protection on machine elements during exploitation,
  • Technical and technological accidents,
  • Protection systems and automation.

Engineering in traffic

  • Organization and management of traffic safety,
  • Regulations on the transport of dangerous goods,
  • Risk management in the transport of dangerous goods,
  • Road infrastructure safety,
  • Safety obligations of participants in the transport of dangerous goods,
  • Safety of road users.
  • Sustainable urban mobility,
  • Traffic engineering,
  • Transport, dispatch and reception of dangerous goods,
  • Vehicles and transport,
  • Vehicle safety.

Engineering in design and graphic

  • Application of new technologies in the process of acquiring knowledge,
  • Applied modeling, industrial design and virtual engineering,
  • Creation and sharing of knowledge,
  • Development of business and marketing strategies,
  • Education strategy and staff retraining,
  • Education, research and development,
  • Education, training and education,
  • E-learning and m-learning,
  • Experiential learning,
  • Food safety and health,
  • Learning organization and organizational learning,
  • Lifelong learning,
  • Materials, methods and technologies,
  • Mechatronics and robotics: design and innovation,
  • Packaging and packaging of hazardous materials,
  • Product design and packaging,
  • Protection in the 3D printing process (thermal hazards, pollution, etc.).

Engineering in electrotechnics and informatics

  • Analysis and optimization of the characteristics of telecommunication channels,
  • Analysis and/or measurement of transmission quality in channels and/or systems,
  • Analysis of effective modulations,
  • Applications for mobile devices,
  • Cyber security,
  • Design, analysis, application of management systems in industry and laboratory,
  • Electric machines and electric drives,
  • Electric power networks and systems,
  • Electronic components and technologies,
  • Elements of power systems,
  • Industrial electronics,
  • Information security and protection,
  • Information strategies.
  • Information systems (gamification, security, etc.),
  • Information systems and telecommunications in the power industry,
  • Management and exploitation in power systems.
  • Methods for improving transmission quality,
  • Optoelectronics,
  • Power electronics,
  • Production technologies,
  • Protection of telecommunication systems,
  • Signal processing and applications in the field of protection,
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